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​Sycai Medical

AI MedAssist


Our product Sycai Medical is an assistant, which helps radiologists to detect cystic pancreatic lesions, predicting their malignant potential and presenting similar cases to verify the diagnosis.

This kind of lesions can evolve into pancreatic cancer, the 4th cause of death by cancer in Europe with an average survival time from diagnosis of less than 5 months and currently without an efficient method or early diagnosis.


The follow-up treatment of the pancreatic cysts leads to repetitive image tests for life, due to the difficulty of predicting which ones are going to be malignant and which are staying benign.The ability of predicting their evolution is the key to increase early detection of pancreatic cancer and to optimize the follow-up treatments.

We contribute to the fight against the pandemic developing AI MedAssist, an AI-based tool, which diagnoses COVID-19 and predicts the evolution of each patient, analysing a chest X-Ray image and 6 factors of the clinical history of the patient.

In less than 20 seconds, AI MedAssist analyses a chest X-Ray image looking for the key optical characteristics of the pathology, combines the information with the clinical history and shows the result together with a prediction of their probable evolution.

Predicting the evolution of each patient, we are able to plan the resources needed for their treatments and the best location for them. All of that in a non-invasive way thanks to medical imaging and AI based algorithms.

Specialy design to be used without internet conexion, which avoids usage problems due to network overloads or multiple simultaneous consults. It also allows us to reach remote areas  with lack of resources or specialists and decentralize the activities diagnosing patients out of hospitals. 

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