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Regulatory affairs specialist Jr.

Permanent position


Until 23/05

We are currently hiring a focused, autonomous and ambitious Regulatory Affairs Specialist Jr. who’s also a team player. In this position you will work on document preparation, information management, file maintenance, and coordination of tasks across multiple departments. Part of your strategic directive will be to achieve a balance between regulatory concerns, technology, marketing objectives, compliance, time to market, and costs. For this reason, communication with employees at all levels within the organization is extremely important!

As a Regulatory Affairs Specialists you must understand all aspects of product development, including research, clinical trials, manufacturing practices, regulations, and approval processes. READ MORE...

Internship - Development of a graphic interface on java & html



We are currently looking for a student to support the technical team in the development of graphics for an early diagnosis software for pancreatic cancer. The team's tasks will consist on developing a graphical interface for managing a database, buttons, menus and graphics and creating an environment for the automatic validation of applications based on java and / or html. An independent and proactive profile is sought, studying a degree or master in computer science, audiovisuals, video game development or similar with experience in development with java and html (experience in mysql is valued). READ MORE...

Intern - Business development and strategy


We are looking for an intern to support in the business development team, collaborating in market studies and fundraising activities. The student will participate in the definition of the escalation strategy of Sycai Medical in close contact with the founders of the company. Experience with market studies, pricing strategies and benchmark analysis is desired.

Knowledge in medical device market or AI-based software for diagnosis will be valued.  READ MORE...

Intern - Clinical trial design and analysis


We are looking for a biostatistician trainee or similar with experience in data analysis on biomedical research and statistical software knowledge.
Applicants are required to have successfully completed a degree majoring in statistics, or an equivalent qualification, have an aptitude for advanced mathematical work, a high-level knowledge of statistical concepts and methods, and extensive experience in the use of statistical software packages. The candidate will have experience in data analysis of different type of databases and will face to several biomedical. READ MORE...

Intern - Developer of DL based software for medical imaging


We are looking for a student that can support the development of semantic segmentation deep-learning based frameworks to find cysts, nodules and other lesions on CT scans and magnetic resonance images of the abdomen. The student will learn by doing all the tools and resources available for the development of neural networks and will investigate the state-of-the-art led by our experienced technical team.

Experience with Python, Tensorflow, Pytorch, etc. is required. The candidate shall be willing to work in a young, dynamic and entrepreneurial environment.

Developer of DL based software for medical imaging analysis


The worker will develope semantic segmentation deep-learning based frameworks to find cysts, nodules and other lesions on magnetic resonance images of the abdomen. This development shall be based on the state-of-the-art DNAS (differentiable neural architecture search) methodology. Proven experience in medical imaging, data analysis, docker and one of the following deep learning frameworks is mandatory: tensorflow, pytorch, keras or chainer. Studies is mathematics, physics, engineering or equivalent are desired. The candidate shall be willing to work in a young, dynamic and entrepreneurial environment. READ MORE...

AI Researcher - Organ semantic segmentation


Computer vision

The main objective of the researcher's work is the creation of a framework for automatic neural network design based on the state-of-the-art NAS and DNAS methods (neural architecture search), able to create light and integrable networks for the semantic segmentation of different cystic lesions in abdominal CT scans. Moreover, it is requested the development of a statistical prediction model, that correlates the performed segmentation with key factors of the patient's clinical record to predict the cysts' evolution. READ MORE...