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Sycai Medical empowers healthcare professionals through AI

We automate the deteccion and surveillance of lesions in the abdomen that may evolve into cancer through a disruptive radiology assistant

Sycai Medical

​Sycai Medical

Sycai Medical develops an assistant, which detects pre-cancerous lesions when they are still benign. It helps radiologists to monitor the lesions by characterizing them and comparing every image with previous images of the patient to present the evolution.

It analyzes CT scans and MRIs looking for incidental findings in zero clicks, totally integrated in the workflow of radiologists without the need of any manual trigger.

This software is still under development and under the certification process.


State-of-the-art technology

  • Integrated into the hospital PACS

  • Fully DICOM compliant avoiding HL7 integration

  • Instant retrieval and comparison of all previous tests of the patient

  • Simple and intuitive interface that reduces adaptation period

  • Software mask can be easily hidden by doctors to avoid bias examinations

  • Brings together the knowledge gathered after thousands of exams with a click

  • Follows all security protocols

  • Assure patient data protection

  • Employs an API-based algorithm, conducting analyses on cloud or local infrastructure through Docker Containers

  • Helping radiologists in their daily work without changing the workflow

  • Delivers results before the radiologists have even clicked

  • Checks every abdominal CT scan or MRI performed


Aknowledgements & events

Captura de pantalla 2024-05-21 120250.png

We are finalists at South Summit 2024 awards!

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