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Sycai Medical empowers healthcare professionals through AI

We automate the deteccion and surveillance of lesions in the abdomen that may evolve into cancer through a disruptive radiology assistant

Sycai Medical

​Sycai Medical

Our product Sycai Medical is an assistant, which helps radiologists to detect pancreatic cystic lesions, allowing a population screening to identify people who have them and that could be more likely to develop cancer in the future.

This kind of lesions can evolve into pancreatic cancer, the 4th cause of death by cancer in Europe with an average survival time from diagnosis of less than 5 months and currently without an efficient method or early diagnosis.


The follow-up treatment of the pancreatic cysts leads to repetitive image tests for life, due to the difficulty of predicting which ones are going to be malignant and which are staying benign.

This software is still under development and under the certification process.


State-of-the-art technology

  • Integrated into the hospital PACS

  • Delivers results before the radiologists has even clicked

  • Checks every abdominal CT scan (most of the pancreatic cystic lesions are found accidentaly)

  • Simple and intuitive interface that reduces adaptation period

  • Software mask can be easily hidden by doctors to avoid bias examinations

  • Brings together the knowledge gathered after thousands of exams with a click

  • Follows all security protocols

  • Assure patient data protection

  • Patients data stay local and are not storage or managed by others 

  • Works localy on any PC

  • No need of internet connection (suitable for remote areas)

  • Avoids usage problems due to instable connections or multiple consults


Aknowledgements & events

Captura de pantalla 2023-12-12 125554.png

Finalists at the DeepTech Summit Awards 2023 in Barcelona

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