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The best podcasts and books for entrepreneurs

As any young startup or any entrepreneur with a revolutionary idea and no prior experience in the field, maybe you went through the internet looking for the best #books and #podcasts to know more about #entrepreneurship. At least we did it. We looked for #SuccessStories, #StartupStrategies or any other concept that could help us to better understand this (for us, new) ecosystem.

What we found was a huge and very overwarming quantity of options in multiple languages. So, we would just like to say, do not get dizzy with it, don’t spend all your time reading book after book and hearing everything you find. Our advice for you is to take it easy, to go step by step and better enjoying one book than running through 5.

To help you with the search, we recommend you a few options to get into the #startup world:

  • The Lean Startup Method (Eric Ries): Although it is very famous and you may think that maybe overrated, if you don’t know the method, you should read the book or at least learn about it. Knowing about the concept is essential to start any business and the book explains it step by step with examples. The method set a group of iterative processes to carry out aiming to learn as much as possible of your customers and your market, decreasing the risk as fast as possible with the minimal investment.

  • 4 hours work week (Timothy Ferris): Maybe not to take it literally, but on this book many interesting principles are described. It can make you reflex about productivity and the traditional idea of productivity that our society has. Applied to the task assignment and the workload distribution of a startup, it takes a new significant.

  • Building a Storybrand (Donald Miller): If you want to inspire others, you have to know how and storytelling is one of the most important concepts that any entrepreneur must know. Donald Miller explains how to use 7 factors to tell every story making others feel that they are a part of it. Again, if you are not going to read it, at least you should know the method.

  • Libros para emprendedores (Spanish): This podcast has a lot of independent chapters, each one is about one book, that is explained with all kind of details. If you understand Spanish and you have no time for reading or you prefer shortcuts, you would love it.

  • Mixergy: If you want to be inspired by other entrepreneurs who made it, you can find a few among the hundreds of interviews that Mixergy offers. Success stories from several famous and not so famous funders explained in 1-hour episodes.

If one of your goals for 2021 is learning more about entrepreneurship, now it will be easier, lets go!

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