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Sycai Medical optimized on Intel OpenVINO: Double the speed, same prediction accuracy

After participating in the Intel "AI Builders" program held by the American company Intel, Sycai is now a member of the Intel Partner Alliance, a marketplace where all companies already working on Intel hardware and optimized for their chips meet up and are available for potential customers as well as for training benefits.

After months of hard work, Sycai has proven to be as beneficial for the patients as during the clinical trial when diagnosing and predicting pancreatic cystic lesions, but this could be done twice faster and only on CPU, what has a huge impact on the deployment infrastructure of our product as well as it reduces the commercialization costs.

Being optimized through OpenVino Toolkit provided by Intel we were able to avoid the usage of GPUs without compromising our performance, making our product more available for other customers and simplifying the inference pipeline.

Sycai is proud to be now available for Intel Hardware such as 3rd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable CPUs.

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