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How everything started

What if we could help hospitals by conducting automated analysis to diagnose patients with COVID-19 and to predict their evolution?

The coronavirus pandemic has plunged Europe, and the entire world, into an unprecedent situation in our history. Because of the strong infectivity of SARS-CoV-2, rapid and accurate diagnostic methods were urgently required to identify, isolate, and treat the patients.

History has taught us change happens when people come together to achieve extraordinary things!

At Sycai Technologies we joined our forces to give a response to this situation and thanks to the #COVID19 Hackathon #VenceAlVirus we had the opportunity to show our idea and to build a solution to face the current coronavirus pandemic, being selected among the 20 finalist projects to keep working together with Fundación Madri+D to beat the virus. We created #AIMedAssist, a medical imaging tool, that takes advantage of the artificial intelligence & Deep Learning technologies for an accurate diagnosis and prognosis of COVID-19.

#AIMedAssist uses a trained deep neural network to analyze chest x-ray images, being able to #diagnose #COVID19 with an accuracy >90% and #predict the evolution of the disease. Check out how it works here:

This response should guide us for a safer, smarter, and innovative future.

What if we could..?

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